Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A morning of Chesterfield stories

Chesterfield Library
1st September
once upon a summer morning...

from woods with poisoned apples to
aliens with a hundred eyes and
a hundred arms and
a hundred arms and
ten hundred fingers,
you never know what you might find in Chesterfield on the first day of autumn?

a moment of wild adventure?
secrets slipped into the bookcases of the library?

The sad story of Wingfield-in-the-Middle. 
Famed once for its curly-feathered chickens, this small but pretty village disappeared suddenly one summer morning, simply vanished away leaving never a trace of its presence nor its passing on the green fields and woods between South and North Wingfields. The only survivors - or maybe the only people left behind - were a group of curly-feather chickens sitting on a wall. The descendants of these birds are to be found in the gardens of South Wingfield houses to this day

and a last look at some of the rarest (not to mention, curliest) birds all the world)

with many thanks to all our artists, storyteller, storymakers and puppeteers in Chesterfield

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